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Try to draw one face as many ways as you can.

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for stopping by. Hope everyone is doing well and almost ready for Christmas. I have been trying to draw as often as possible, but it has been pretty difficult. I have lost some of the excitement that I had while I was taking the class, that had me drawing almost everyday. I fully intended to sign up for the Spring course, CEIL 340, but was dismayed to find out that I would have missed two classes because of a Spring Break vacation. I hope that all of you that are signed up, will keep the rest of us posted on the class and how it is going. I hope to take it in the summer if it is available. Lisa almost assured me that it would be.

I saw some of you at Lisa’s opening for Draw Me A Lion (drawmealion.com). My daughter and I had a great time and ended up spending a bit of money. What a great venue it was at Collage Collage (collagecollage.ca) and such a fun opening! I love places like that, very inspiring.

I thought that once everything settled down, some of you would be willing to post things you have been working on or we could send out ideas to spark some “homework” drawing. Let me know how many of you are interested by commenting  below. If you have any ideas for drawings, also let me know.

I really hope that we can keep in touch.