Yesterday morning I woke up and drew this picture. I’m trying to get into the habit of drawing whenever and wherever I feel a creative spark to do so.

I always seem to be able to draw heads but not bodies. So last night I added legs then started to change the length of the legs by folding up the pages of my sketch book to see if I could get a leg length I liked without having to redraw my character. I never feel confident enough to be able to recreate that ONE character exactly, so often my lazy side takes over. I do think the last one is the most successful. Although when I look at it now, the middle one is sweet because his legs ARE a little bit too short.

I’ve been thinking for quite awhile about a book where you mix and match the heads and bodies and legs around – of course as soon as you think of something YOU think is original, you end up seeing just that thing somewhere OR in some store. Well, my family and I went to the Christmas Light Show at VanDusen Gardens Christmas eve and while I was browsing through the gift shop, I saw a book that was similar to what I had been thinking about. The book was cut horizontally into three sections giving the reader the ability to play around interchanging heads with different bodies and legs. I still think a blank sketch book broken into three sections would be cool though. It would make for some pretty comical characters. Maybe I’ll have to mock-up a prototype and test it out, it would be a good way to spark some creative drawing!

Happy New Year Everyone! Keep on drawing!