Hi All,

Hope everyone has been drawing, writing or both! I’ve been busy doing neither :0(

I did manage to draw a few things in my puzzle journal. Remember awhile back I was telling everyone about my brilliant idea and how I saw a similar thing in the VanDusen Gardens bookstore at Christmas blah, blah, blah? At the time I didnt know what to call it, so I just made up a name for it. In case you were wondering what I was talking about, here is the example with both good and bad results (lets just say there needs to be a few rules about what can go where?) or maybe that just adds to the fun of it. Did you notice the last guy with two sets of arms?!

I’ll keep at it and see if it sparks any interesting subject matter. It’s kind of a good way to see what head fits on what body and what legs work etc. The possibilities are endless.

I sent out another invitation to everyone to post on the blog or check it out. It’s getting pretty lonely here, I feel like I’m talking only to myself ;0)

If you’re wondering how I made the puzzle journal, it was super easy. I just bought a 6″x9″ white journal from Opus (I prefer the Ecojot [www.ecojot.com] ones because if you buy one they give one away to a child in need) and measured out three (not equal) but almost equal sections (from the top 3.25″ high, 2.875″ and 3″) and cut them with scissors.

Happy Drawing! Hope to hear from some of you soon!