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This past weekend I was invited to an Art Give Away. A wonderful lady, who is an art icon in White Rock, Elizabeth Hollick, is moving so she was basically clearing out her studio and giving it all away. She is moving from a house to a condo, so I guess downsizing quite a bit.

For years her studio has been a must see for art lovers on the White Rock/South Surrey Art Walk and one of my personal favorites. You could always find it because of the paper maché giraffes she had perched on her patio, placed there she told me once, so her mother could easily find her way home. She was a prolific painter and always had rooms and rooms of paintings and drawings. I liked how she used the most unlikely colors to paint faces and landscapes and anything really. It was almost like she had bought an industrial size can of purple paint and felt she had to use it up. Somehow it worked and you can see examples of her art all over White Rock; on the promenade at West Beach, on cladding uptown, and you can also find one of her painted Spirit Bears at Hillcrest Mall in uptown White Rock.

I was able to pick up a few paintings, a couple drawings, some brushes, an unused canvas. It was really a wonderful event and judging by all the people, she had many followers. I would have liked to take more, but I had to stop myself from bringing home art, that I really wouldn’t be able to display because of lack of wall space. That was one of her incentives for the day itself, that it was better to give it to people who would enjoy it rather than put it away in a storage facility to never see the light of day. I believe all the people that attended will be a little richer from her act of kindness and perhaps pay it forward in some way.