For this week’s homework, we had to do our character development for our picture book. So you take your main character and draw this person in profile and from the front and also with different expressions. It’s a way of mapping or referencing your character for the future so that there is continuity when you draw your character again.

We also had to take our illustration from last week (mine was a watercolor illustration) and recreate it using a different technique or tool. I used Illustrator to redraw my illustration. I use Illustrator a lot for work, so using it for this was an easy decision, but I find it’s not as fun as doing the illustration “by hand”. I love the look of a hand drawn illustration, it’s not perfect. Using the computer, you are forced to have all your lines parallel and points meeting up. For me, it’s a bit finicky.

I chose an earth tone palette from Illustrator just to restrict myself a bit and give myself some rules. It’s fun playing with color like this.

Here are some background sketches for my character.

Looking forward to next week’s homework!