I’ve been remiss in posting to the blog lately because I’ve been really busy. I’m in the new Illustration for Picture Books Class at Emily Carr (CEIL340)(http://www.ecuad.ca/programs/courses/CEIL/340/SU01). We are in Week 4 and it has been full of lots of hard work and fun. The homework for this week was to make a dummy book and one final illustration for our picture books that we previously wrote the story for last week. I thought writing the story was hard, turns out making a dummy book for the whole thing was much more difficult. I think I failed miserably, but I will get a chance to fix it up in the next few weeks.

In class, we did a fun color experiment though. We had to bring in a few images or objects with color combinations that we liked. I brought in a scan of the book Petunia by Roger Duvoisin, if you aren’t familiar with it the book is colored in red, yellow, green and a bit of black.

Our challenge was to redraw our final illustrations as you see above using only the colors from the item we brought in. I received some surprising results!

And from the cover of another book called “The Man Who Lost His Head” by Claire Huchet Bishop inspired this color combination.

It was a really fun exercise and opened my eyes to how you can use colors to convey a mood (obviously) but also to draw your attention to certain parts of a drawing or away from certain parts of a drawing all the while changing the focus and the underlying theme of the story. Very cool!

Looking forward to the next few classes. I will post the homework here as it gets finished.