I received my copy of Uppercase (No.14) yesterday and always enjoy pouring through this very tactile magazine. The publisher, editor, designer; Janine Vangool has committed herself to maintaining a first class, PRINTED, piece of art, that graphic artists like myself can’t wait to drool over. I have to say 4 times a year is simply not enough for me.

Anyway, I sat down with my coffee and my new magazine and imagine my surprise to find a whole two page spread dedicated to Collage collage (collagecollage.ca), a wonderful, local kid’s art-making and crafty store where I recently attended the opening for Lisa’s (our illustration for picture books teacher and mentor extraordinaire) new online shop  (drawmealion.com). A few pages later there was a full page dedicated to Lisa herself. (Lisa Cinar, author and illustrator of the Day It All Blew Away and Paulina P. (for Petersen))

The whole magazine has several stories about Children’s Book illustrators and writers. Included is Kyo Maclear’s book Virginia Wolf, illustrated by Isabelle Arsenault, one of the books I picked up as a favorite when we were given this assignment in class to find our favorite illustrated children’s books.

I really enjoyed the article on Ward Jenkins, illustrator of Chicks Run Wild, wardjenkins.com. It just goes to show the lengths that people have to go through to follow their passion. More power to you! I feel your introverted pain in an extroverted world.