Lately I feel like I haven’t been drawing much, but I’ve been creative. I am working a bunch on my graphic design business but I have also been quilting and knitting. I have been a knitter and crocheter off and on since I was a teenager, but I have never tried quilting, until recently.

Since I found Spoonflower ( and Umbrella Prints ( online though, the world of sewing and quilting has become more enticing. At Spoonflower you can design and print your own fabric.

It opens up a whole load of new gift ideas. For example, at Christmas, I gave my nephews their favorite dessert – Nana’s jam tart recipe printed on tea towels. For a girlfriend, I was able to give her a present of her recently deceased Grandmother’s recipes printed on tea towels. I have also taken drawings that my kids have done and printed them onto material for pillows. Not only can you make your own material, but there is a veritable treasure trove of other people’s designs to choose from in a wide array of fabric choices. With these, I have made custom designed pillows and custom quilts for my daughter and son.

When I saw through Elise Cripe’s blog ( that Umbrella Prints ( was having a trimmings competition (, I couldn’t wait to try my hand at it. I’m not a very accomplished sewer, that is my Mum. And of course you may consider it boring to make a quilt with trimmings but actually the amount of material seemed just right to make a baby quilt for the new great niece in my life. Check out my quilt.

IMG_0388IMG_0507 IMG_0477

It was seriously made with only 12 small pieces of fabric and a vintage duvet cover I found at the Thrift store, plus some binding I made. It came together pretty easy and I like the neutral colors. I doubt that making a quilt is very innovative, but I really couldn’t think of anything better than making something for a little girl to wrap herself up in and drag around for the next 4-6 years.

I have struggled a bit with the drawing thing, and trying to find time to be creative. I’ve been taking some Skillshare ( classes online. I start and get about 3/4 of the way through, but never quite finish. I always seem to learn something though.

So I have been “being creative” and trying to stretch my brain, but I seem to lose interest pretty fast sitting in front of the computer for too long. I think that’s why I like getting up and doing something a bit more creative physically, like knitting or quilting. I think that stepping out into another creative outlet is just as good as trying to draw everyday. I know it won’t make me a better drawer and maybe I’ll never be a really great drawer, but I hope I’ll always be creative, whether it’s working on a new logo, trying a new recipe, knitting a sweater or making a baby quilt from a few scraps of fabric.